On 17 November, students from the School of Civil Engineering of the University of A Coruña visited the urban development works of the new Xuxán neighbourhood (formerly called Parque Ofimático) in A Coruña (Spain).
The works promoted by the City Council of A Coruña are already being executed, Eptisa carried out the drafting of the Construction Project and is currently in charge of the Works Management.
During the visit they could also see the installation works of the outlet collectors of the Monte Mero reservoirs (Ofimático-Monelos section) corresponding to the drinking water distribution network of the Municipal Water Company of A Coruña (EMLACSA) also executed by Constructora San José and whose project and technical assistance to the Works Management is being developed by Eptisa.

          11月17日,阿科鲁尼亚大学土木工程学院的学生参观了阿科鲁尼亚Xuxán新社区(前称Parque Ofimático)的城市发展工程项目。此项目由阿科鲁尼亚市议会推动,并已在实施中,Eptisa负责施工设计及工程管理工作。
          访问期间,同学们还可以看到Monte Mero水库(Ofimático Monelos段)的出水口收集器的安装工程,该水库工程与拉科鲁尼亚市政供水公司(EMLACSA)的饮用水输水网络配套,由建筑商( San José)执行施工安装,Eptisa负责项目管理及技术援助。